RD Panels
United Kingdom

With over 50 years of experience specialist panel manufacturer RD Rýmařov s. r. o [RDR], in 2018 RDR joined forces with Capital Kinetics and Kinetic Construction Limited to launch RD Panels UK. 


RD Panels UK provides precision engineered panelised construction. The partnership brings the award winning experience of 23,000 units in 9 countries.  The RD Panel is built to a higher technical standard exceeding most UK building standards.  Carrying the ISO 9001: 2015 quality assurance designed to build thermally efficient houses faster than standard building methods.


  • Sustainable Timber

  • 83% Reduction in waste

  • 60% Savings on site time and traffic

  • Reduced H&S incidents

  • Easily able to build according to and maintain social distancing rules

  • 12 year Global new home warranty

  • 30 year factory provided structural warranty 

Designed to withstand temperatures from -35c to +40c, with  triple glazed glass and 90- minutes fire retardancy as standard, ee are truly faster, cheaper and stronger than traditional building methods